Same as with our food our beliefs and ideals about serving drinks haven’t changed from the day we came up with the idea to open a restaurant. We have always wanted to serve good quality drinks in a presentable manner in a clean and relaxing environment. We believe that having a drink when you are on holiday should always be a treat both for the eye and your “taste buddies”. After all, the reason one goes into a bar for a drink is not just to stay hydrated. It is the experience, the environment, the ambiance, the joy of tasting something delightful and the company.

We have 99 beautiful gins, the largest selection in Ibiza. We also have a selection of cocktails, single malt whiskies, flavoured vodkascraft beers, ciders, lagers and much more.

If you fancy a cup of coffee or tea you can enjoy a delicious latte served in a tall glass (as it should), cappuccino, americano or a pot of traditional British tea and more.

Water and ICE in our drinks
Here at The Prince Albert, all our ice cubes are made with water that has been through the reverse osmosis treatment. This treatment removes 99% of bacteria and impurities and can be safely consumed.
Our coffees and teas are brewed using bottled mineral water especially made for coffee machines. The water we serve together with our single malt whiskies is also bottled water.
You can enjoy our full range of hot and cold drinks safe in the knowledge they will not cause you and your family an upset tummy.
In addition, we also wash all our cups, glasses, dishes, crockery and cutlery in the dishwasher (not just hand washing/rinsing it all in lukewarm water in the sink), which is set at 82 degrees celsius as per the Food Safety standards to ensure all bacteria is killed.